Positive reinforcement group lesson

This course is focused on daily based obedience and many practical skills, which can help your dog to live in the city. Many activities for the good physical condition are also part of the course.

Eva Kostková
1200 Kč for 5 lessons
3 teams per hour

During five lessons we wil practice activites like:

  • Cues for daily base obedience – suitable for confined dogs, but also for dogs, which have issues with some impulses or environment
  • Trainnig for good physical condition – crucial as preparation for dog sports, but also very useful for injury prevention
  • Training for increasing psychological immunity in hard situations
  • Useful games, which you can play during dogwalks – recall, impulse control, focus
  • Basic dogdancing tricks
  • Anything, what you need to practice – it´s up to you

The course is suitable for all dog breeds of any age. If your dog has some medical issues, please don´t forget to inform your trainer. We will modify the training plan according to your dog’s condition.

Lessons take place in a heated classroom or real life terrain outside

There are only 3 teams (person + dog) in one lesson – that makes a huge individual approach possible

You can continue to another Positive reinforcement course after the end of the course.
There is a possibility to substitute one lesson (in case of illness, holiday, etc.) – please let us know at least 24 hours before the lesson, that you wouldn’t be able to come.

What is good to take with you to the lesson:

  • Your dog’s favorite treats (small pieces are better than big one)
  • Another kind of treat (e.g. sponge biscuit, cheese,…)
  • Your dogs favorite toy – a soft toy made of fabric is better for tugging
  • Fixed collar (not strangling, not with stings)
  • Fixed leash (not flexi winding)
  • Blanket as a place torelax for your dog