Individual lessons

Individual lessons are suitable for dogs with special needs. Content of these lessons is only up to you.
We can help you to solve some behavioral problems, to recommend you some management changes
for easier life or to develop some special training program accordidng to your needs.

Lecturor you choose
600 Kč/hour
850 Kč/1,5 hour
Date you choose

Individual lessons are suitable mainly for dogs which are:

  • Agressive or scared close to another dogs or persons
  • Highly reactive to impulses in the environment (e.g. intollerance to traveling, chasing of runnres/ bikers, lunging on lead, barking, etc…)
  • Comming from inappropriate conditions like a dog shelters,… and now they need to teach how to cooperate with the owner and fit in our world
  • Need individual care in any other way
  • You can of course use individual lesson also for dogs which are completely fine.

Lessons wil take a place in our heated classroom, or outside in real life environment (it´s up to you).
There is also possibility to come to your place in case your dog is not able to come.

Write an email to the lecturer you choose.